Job description

Are you our new data scientist?

If you are, you will be working closely with the teams that develop Atea’s e-business – both business and systems development. You will be an important part in identifying problems and opportunities and prioritizing our development. In the beginning you will be assisting e-business management and analytics resources in the different countries with data analysis and decision support. As you learn our business, you will be responsible for structuring our analytics initiatives in cooperation with the teams.

E-business is a fundamental part of Atea’s business, offering a wide range of on-line services with thousands of users every day, and including e-commerce revenue worth EUR ~1 billion yearly. We are investing heavily in further improving Atea’s e-business, and this needs to be done based on data.


1. Understanding of e-business: Areas of analysis will include all aspects of e-business, from user behavior on our sites to sales and logistics. A basic business understanding coupled with an analytical approach is required.

2. Technical skills: You will be working with databases and BI systems, structuring and connecting data with advanced formulas. Previous experience with MS SQL, Power BI, DAX (Data Analysis Expression) and programming in R is preferable.
3. Proactive: As you learn the Atea business, we expect you to work proactively to identify potential improvement areas and/or problems requiring attention. We also expect you to help us develop our analytics capabilities, continuously improving our reporting systems.

4. Communication in English: You will be working closely with colleagues from all over Nordics and Baltics with English as the corporate language.

5. Presentation skills: You will be presenting the results of your analysis and designing dashboards for use across business units and countries.

The successful applicant will need to have exceptional organization and analytical skills along with the ability to work on their own initiative whilst being a team player.

If you feel that the role of Data scientist is right for you, then do not hesitate in submitting your CV.

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